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Creator & Photographer of the world famous Toddlewood, Tricia Messeroux presents “Toddlewood Studio Birthday Parties”

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"I can't tell you how much my daughter loved her birthday party"
"My daughter is so hard to please, but for the first time she's actually very happy"
"Kayla told us that her birthday party at your studio was the most memorable event of 2014!"
"My daughter said that at her Toddlewood party she felt like she mattered and now all the girls at school think she's so cool"
"I'm a hero. She keeps calling me the Best Mom Ever! Thank you"
"Please give your staff a big hug from me. Thank you for such a different and special party"
"When we got home, my daughter told me that was the best party of ALL her firends"
"Keep doing what you're doing, the girls walk away feeling fabulous!"
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